Mandatory Geography

Geography and History are mandatory for years 7 to 10 and these courses provide valuable skills and understanding in the cognitive development of our students. An important feature of the Australian Geography course is to allow students to become more informed and active citizens. Geographical tools, such as maps, graphs, statistics, photographs and fieldwork, assist students to gather, analyse and communicate geographical information in a range of formats.

Mandatory History

Students of History learn to apply the skills of investigating history that allows development in research and communication skills, and examination of different perspectives and interpretations as well as constructing logical historical arguments supported by relevant evidence. A number of historical and archaeological experiences are promoted in class and through excursions. Minarah College prides itself in holding a strong tradition in commemorating Anzac Day. For the last 7 years, History students have presented esteemed Anzac Day Ceremonies in collaboration with Mr Victor Watts, a war veteran as the chief guest.

Ancient History

Ancient History for senior students has a unique role in the Australian curriculum because this course enables students to piece together an informed and coherent view of the past. It empowers students with the knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes that are useful for their lifelong learning. The preliminary course offers studies of; Methods of investigating historical past-History Archaeology and Science, Ancient Human Remains and Tutankhamun’s Tomb and Greek Drama. The HSC Course focuses on Cities of Vesuvius-Pompeii and Herculaneum, Spartan Society to the Battle of Leuctra 371BC, Hatshepsut and Historical Kingdom of Amenhotep III to the Death of Ramesses the II.

Studies of Religion

Studies of Religion course enables students to understand that each religious tradition has its own integrity and contributes to a well-ordered society. Preliminary course explores Nature of Religion and Beliefs, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Religions of Ancient Origin and Religion in Australia pre 1945. HSC course encompasses Religion in Australia post 1945, Depth studies of Islam, Buddhism and Judaism, Religion and Peace and Religion and Non-Religion.