The Commerce faculty is made of Commerce (Years 9 – 10), Business Studies (Years 11 – 12) and Legal Studies (Years 11 – 12). Our students are guided on a journey that is as much about exploring and developing their own learning styles and methods as it is about the relevant local, national and global topics we cover. Our courses are fundamentally about the world in which we live and they are designed to encourage our students to become more informed and effective global citizens.Our subjects have something to offer all students – from the practical nature of Commerce and Business Studies, with their grounding in real world situations, to the challenging issues encountered in Legal Studies.

Commerce engages students in a wide variety of learning experiences that students use to discover their own preferred learning style. Business Studies covers several elements of running a successful business while Legal Studies looks at creating an awareness of the role of law in our society.Our HSC students experience an interactive and enjoyable educational excursion at one of Sydney’s most popular tourist attractions – Sydney Tower Restaurant. Students are able to relate the classroom knowledge to reality by seeing how operations, marketing, finance and human resources get together to bring success to businesses.

Business Studies

Business Studies encompasses the theoretical and practical aspects of business in contexts which students encounter throughout their lives. It offers learning from the planning of a small business to the management of operations, marketing, finance and human resources in large businesses. Students also investigate business planning and use a range of information to assess and evaluate business performance.By completing this course students develop general and specific skills, including research, analysis, problem-solving, decision-making, critical thinking and communication. These skills enhance their confidence and ability to participate effectively, not only as members of the business world, but also as citizens dealing with issues emanating from business activity.


Legal Studies

The syllabus focuses on the way law is generated, how it is structured and how it operates in Australian and international contexts. Students develop an understanding of the implications that legal decisions can have for Australian society and the ways in which the legal system can affect the lives of Australian citizens.The course offers excellent preparation for life through a study of the legal system, its principles, structures, institutions and processes. It fosters respect for cultural diversity. It allows students to question and evaluate legal institutional structures in the domestic and international environments and to undertake a comparative analysis of other political and institutional structures.