The Careers education program at Minarah College aims to prepare students with knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to achieve their choosing Career path for life after secondary education.

This is achieved by

  • Small group Seminar
  • Individual Careers Counselling
  • Guest Speakers
  • Work Experience program
  • Classroom lessons –    English Curriculum , resume preparation
  • Commerce Curriculum , employment , job guide
  • IST Curriculum , use of computer software to enable students to research careers
  • Careers Resource Area located in the library for students to use in their free time
  • Year 10 students introduced to the process of planning their secondary education and post-secondary pathways through subject information evening
  • Students attend University Awareness days.
  • Year 11 and 12 careers session with representatives from various Universities, who present on courses, ATAR, Educational Access Scheme (EAS), Early offer, Scholarship etc.
  •  Year 10  – Preparing for Work Experience  and Mock Interview by Corporate Training
  • Year 11 – Becoming Work Ready by Corporate Training
  • Year 12 –  The Next Step by Corporate Training