Secondary School

Message from Deputy Principal

Our Secondary school has a welcoming and supportive learning environment in which a culture of Islamic values and an academic venture is complemented by a wide range of leadership and extra-curricular opportunities. Our goal is to encourage students to achieve their personal best and to aim for excellence in everything they do.

A wide-range of curriculum is offered to students that provide a general education as well as allowing specialisation as students’ progress through High School. We recognise that every student is different, as a result the school continues to develop and refine the curriculum with a commitment to personalising learning and creating engaging student centred learning experiences. Our focus is on improving student outcomes and maximising the positive impact of these initiatives by reviewing our teaching and learning programs.

Across our Secondary School, every student is known and valued within the school community. Roll Call teachers, Subject teachers, Subject Coordinators, Welfare Coordinators, Specialist teachers and the Deputy Principal support students to develop the skills and qualities needed to succeed both at school and in the years that follow. As a team, we are looking forward to developing teaching and learning activities of Minarah College further.