Healthy Gourmet Canteens

Minarah College is pleased to introduce Healthy Gourmet Canteens Australia as our new Canteen Services provider.

Healthy Gourmet Canteens is owned and managed by Ozgur Yildrim. Ozgur has extensive family food industry experience, including managing canteens at other reputable schools.

Healthy Gourmet Canteens Australia specialises in providing Healthy nutrition and high-quality freshly made Gourmet style food and drinks daily.

“We are looking forward to working closely with the college community for great service and quality food. We highly appreciate constant feedback from staff and students throughout our journey”. Ozgur

With a variety of menu options, Healthy Gourmet Canteens will provide healthy, fresh and halal food offer to our students and staff in accordance with NSW Healthy School Canteen guidelines.

We are also introducing breakfast options, which will be available between 7.45am and 8.20am.

In addition to on-site ordering, Healthy Gourmet will also provide online ordering capabilities, which will provide a convenient option to plan and pre-order food for your children.

Please find attached the following:

If you prefer online ordering, please follow the instructions on the attached form to set up your Online Ordering Account using MunchMonitor.