It is a great pleasure for me to write as the Chair of the School Board. I am honoured to have very experienced and dedicated board directors who have diverse skills and expertise in their respective areas. As per school’s constitution, majority of the directors are independent and have no affiliation with MLNSW for at least past two years. The directors’ tenure is for three years.

Minarah College is a vibrant school with a warm and inclusive community. The school is committed to providing a unique educational experience that gives our students views of the nation and the world from every classroom and learning space and at the same time valuing Islamic ethos.

The school’s strength is based on good management, dedicated staff and supportive community. It is my intention to see all three pillars of the school are equal participants in advancing and strengthening the college.

The school is buttressed by dedicated staff who are well trained and qualified to teach in their respective faculty. Their courtesy, care and consideration are valuable tools in providing students with a very conducive environment for learning.  Besides teaching, the staff have the responsibility of being cooperative, collaborative and collegial.

The Parents and community are an integral part of Minarah college. It is my wish to see very active community participation in making the college a better place as a teaching and learning institution.

To the students, you must be congratulated for making Minarah College as part of your life’s journey. The school will always foster in you the spirit of the college so that you become future leaders of the community, state and the nation. It is on you the nation will fall to in future years. Hard work and dedication pays dividends. I am reminded of an Urdu poet that inspired me when I was your age who said (Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqder se pehle Khuda bande se khud poche bata teri raza kia hai) If you work hard and so elevate, He himself will ask you before deciding your fate. The future is in your hands.

 Allah Hafiz


Chair Minarah College Board.