‘A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.’ John Maxwell

Leadership is a quality in the personality of a person, which gives them an ability to work with confidence and influence the work of others in choosing and achieving specific goals that will result in maximum accomplishment. A leader is someone who fulfils his or her own ambitions and intends to strive for excellence and embrace success in all aspects of their life.

Student Representative Council is a body within the school which represents all students and promotes their welfare and their effective participation in the school learning environment. SRC members in collaboration with students and teachers work towards enhancing the quality of school life for all students. It further exists to provide opportunities for students to address their concerns, interests and to develop leadership skills.

The SRC team has worked extremely hard in organising and operating various events for students, reflecting their motivation and inspiration and most importantly highlighting themselves as good role models for the school. As leaders of the school we worked as a team to instil a sense of responsibility, developed initiatives, communicated effectively with students, encouraged effective participation, supported each other through the challenges and mentored and guided the prefects and vice school captains. The commitment, determination and enthusiasm of SRC enabled us to initiate the following activities: