Science Year 7 – 10

Through the study of Science students learn about our biological, chemical, geological, physical and technological world. They actively develop skills in planning and conducting investigations, recording and analysing data, and problem solving. Students explore real world phenomena and develop solutions to authentic problems.

The mandatory curriculum requirements for eligibility for the award of the Record of School Achievement (RoSA) include that students:

■study the Board developed Science syllabus substantially in each of Years 7–10, and

■complete at least 400 hours of Science study by the end of Year 10.

Course Description

Science develops students’ skills, knowledge and understanding in explaining and making sense of the biological, physical and technological world. Through applying the processes of Working Scientifically students develop understanding of the importance of scientific evidence in enabling them as individuals and as part of the community to make informed, responsible decisions about the use and influence of science and technology on their lives.

What will students learn?

Through their study of Science, students develop knowledge of scientific concepts and ideas about the living and non-living world. They gain increased understanding about the unique nature and development of scientific knowledge, the use of science and its influence on society, and the relationship between science and technology.

Students actively engage individually and in teams in scientific inquiry. They use the processes of Working Scientifically to plan and conduct investigations. By identifying questions and making predictions based on scientific knowledge and drawing evidence-based conclusions from their investigations, students develop their understanding of scientific ideas and concepts, and their skills in critical thinking and problem-solving. They gain experience in making evidence-based decisions and in communicating their understanding and viewpoints.

Particular Course Requirements

At least 50% of the course time will be allocated to hands-on practical experiences. All students are required to undertake at least one research project during each of Stage 4 and Stage 5. At least one project will involve ‘hands-on’ practical investigation. At least one Stage 5 project will be an individual task.

Record of School Achievement

Students who have met the mandatory study requirements for Science during Years 7–10 will receive a grade for Science for the Record of School Achievement.


Science Stage 6 (Year 11 and 12)

The suite of Science courses is designed to extend and provide authentic and relevant learning experiences for NSW students.

The courses are rigorous and designed to prepare students for a future in STEM learning and enterprises. The depth studies within these exciting, revitalised courses provide opportunities for students to consolidate their learning, develop competence and express their creativity.