The Diverse World of English

In the English course of study students learn about the English language: how it works and how to use it effectively. Language plays a central role in human life: it provides a vehicle for communication, a tool for thinking, a means of creativity and a source of pleasure. Through language humans shape understandings of themselves and their world.  An understanding of language and the ability to use it effectively empowers students. It gives them access to knowledge, enables them to play an active part in society and contributes to their personal growth.


Literacy Defined!

Literacy is integrated from year 7-10 under the belief that providing this subject will enable our students to make the most of their education employment and training opportunities.Currently Literacy is covered in English lessons; with one period a week by teaching grammar, sentence structure, text types and analytical thinking. These skills are essential for each individual to participate confidently in society and in all subject areas.We are pushing our boundaries a little further by including workable Literacy programs across all curriculum areas. This will enable students to critically approach an ever widening selection of text types and draw on their present understanding while being challenged and, make connections with new concepts.

Excursions to the Theatre   

Year 12 students visit the Riverside theatre to view the performance of Hamlet as part of their HSC syllabus requirements. The students gain a profound understanding of the play as the performance is integrated with a workshop on how to answer HSC extended responses on Hamlet, delivered by the Director of Sport for Jove Theatre Company, who has marked HSC papers in the past.

Public Speaking at Minarah College

Public speaking has been emphasised by the English teachers as an integral part of student development and students have been encouraged to take part in speaking competitions. Students and teachers alike have taken the initiative to involve themselves in such competitions which has led to students becoming confident speakers. The College is proud to have a number of Year 9 and 10 students who are participating in the NSW Plain English Speaking Competition and the NSW Legacy Junior Public Speaking Award Competition. These competitions provide our students with excellent exposure to the requirements of public speaking at a state level. Our students have so far demonstrated tremendous initiative in composing, practising and delivering prepared and impromptu speeches on a variety of topics.

IT and English Presentations: Movie Maker/Power-point Assessments

Year 10, 11 and 12 students have become adept at creating visual texts as part of the requirement for reflecting on learning through visual representation. IT is used extensively in the teaching and learning of English at Minarah College.


 Students engage in dynamic, inspiring and creative performances of the texts studied testing their Speaking and Viewing and Representation skills which are two English skills students become proficient and outstanding in during their school years.