The Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) is an initiative organised by the NSW government to encourage a love of reading in students from Kindergarten to grade nine. We promote this program within our school each year, as we experience first-hand the benefits of this program to our students, with regard to reading outside of their usual genre and challenging themselves with some harder texts. While we consider reading to be its own reward, our school community does appreciate the opportunity the PRC provides for our students’ commitment to reading to be recognised.

Depending on each student’s years of participation in the PRC, gold and platinum certificates are awarded by the NSW Premier, as well as a medal for participants who have completed the PRC every year from grade three to grade nine. In their early years of successful participation in the PRC, students usually receive a challenge completion certificate. Our school library houses a great collection of PRC books, and each classroom at GVIC has a large supply of PRC books also, which gives our students ample access to the books they need to complete the challenge.