About US

Minarah College is an independent Islamic co-educational school catering for students from Kindergarten to Year 12. Minarah College was established in January 2002 by the Muslim League of NSW Inc.

Minarah College was founded to provide boys and girls to acquire knowledge and education of Islamic Ethical Values and to excel in this life and the Hereafter through the provision of a wide range of learning experiences in a supportive, caring and intellectually stimulating environment. The school motto is that students will seek increased knowledge through faith and prayer. The school has a great Islamic environment for children that gives them their cultural identity and builds up their morals and discipline. In 2015, all classes were accommodated in the new modern, state of the art school buildings. The school is situated in a low SES area and there are no students with disabilities.

The College has adopted the NSW Board of Studies Curriculum which includes the 6 Key Learning Areas, and Arabic, Islamiyat and Quran. It aims to do this by providing highly trained and qualified staffs, who have experience in a wide range of teaching and learning strategies, to cater for the individual differences and the needs of the students.

College Aims

  • To provide educational activities within an Islamic environment to support the development of good citizens with Islamic spiritual values and knowledge
  • To develop caring and confident members of society with the ability to respond positively to new situations
  • To support the optimum development of all students
  • To achieve excellence through the provision of enriched learning experiences

Stakeholder Goals

The College aims are reflected in the following goals for each of its key stakeholder groups:


  • Encouragement of excellence in learning outcomes
  • Support for diverse learning needs
  • Development and maintenance of a positive, structured Fair Discipline Policy


  • Encouragement of excellence in teaching
  • Maintenance of K – 12 structures
  • Development and maintenance of high staff morale

School Community

  • Encouragement of meaningful participation in, and by, the community
  • Empowerment of all participants in the educative process
  • Development of an attractive physical and social environment