Governance Committee

Objective: Primarily responsible for matters pertaining to Board member induction, orientation, training, and evaluation, in accordance with the NESA requirements. This committee will oversee Risk Management and WHS policies and other compliance policies.


Objective: Its purpose is to advise the Minarah Board of Directors on future directions and strategies for advancing learning in the community within a framework that reflects the Islamic character of learning institutions and propose capital works to support the desired strategies.


Finance & Audit Committee

Objective: Ensuring there are appropriate budgeting processes in place and to monitor the financial position and performance of Minarah College. Responsible for monthly financial reporting to the Board and annual financial reporting with auditors.  This committee will also ensure managing audit relationship and compliance relating to finance.


Technology Committee

Objective: Its purpose is to evaluate technology needs for Minarah College as well as their usage. The committee tracks technology progress and prioritizes initiatives, in addition to identifying training needs, budgeting and overall IT forecasting, It will review and approve plans for major IT projects, decisions and will assess online capabilities and digital platform of the college.  This includes web page re-design, social media, online teaching & learning capabilities, BCP plans, IT governance, etc.


 School Head Support and Evaluation Committee

Objective: To evaluate the structure of systems in school, new curriculum, oversight of recruitment process, evaluation and setting up KPIs and performance management of the executive team, industrial relation, staff wellbeing and strengthen partnership and coordination with Principal and staff


Parent Advisory, Academic Excellence and Communication Committee

Objective: Its role is to ensure the board builds strong and strategic relationships with parents and the community through the integration of Minarah’s education, public relations, and public policy activities.  It will endeavour to enhance parental engagement with staff and executives and build a good rapport with the community.

Ensuring nothing short of academic excellence for every child.  It will measure outcomes against stated goals for metrics such as performance on state tests HSC, National Standardized Tests NAPLAN, interim assessments, or internal assessments.  This committee ensures that the board and school share the same vision of academic excellence, that all directors understand the school’s academic promises, and leads the board in conducting proper oversight of the academic program. It will also look at metrics such as attendance, student and staff retention, and parents and staff satisfaction surveys.

The committee is to develop and implement communications strategy for Minarah College. This includes promoting Minarah’s mission, values, and vision; share important news, publications, and events. It will also conduct strategy, impact analysis, reporting requirements to ASIC, NESA, Department of Education and broaden external relations. Additionally, it will incorporate relationship management with the sole member of GVIC Ltd.